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Before you decide on buying a very cheap wedding dress online, perhaps direct from from China,, please read the following as we have seen a lot of this happen.

This is a report from a bride we helped recently after she bought from China.

Having set a date  - my wedding was fast approaching - only a few months to go!

Once I had ordered my wedding dress from a local bridal retailer shop - I decided the next step was to look for bridesmaid dresses. I shopped around for ideas for bridesmaid dresses - looking at the different styles and which colours would go best with the colour of my wedding dress. With ideas I’d got from the world of retail - I decided to have a look online to see what offers there were and what was out there.

Having decided on the colour scheme and design of the dresses I’d like - I had in my mind a design and colour scheme and I approached an online company that made dresses - every kind of dress a girl could wish for; wedding dresses, prom dresses and more importantly bridesmaid dresses! The reviews on the online site were very good so I approached the company to get and idea of the price of the dresses and whether or not they could make the style of dress I was looking for.

I emailed the company the idea of the dress I’d like plus the colour scheme and they emailed back stating that yes they could do it - within a timeframe of about 6 weeks. So we paid the monies and submitted the sizes of the bridesmaid dresses (the dresses were made-to-measure) and sure enough within 6 weeks - the dresses had arrived.

When the dresses arrived - all three dresses didn’t fit properly. The hems of the dresses were either too short/long; two of the dresses still had pins in them and one dress didn’t fit one of my bridesmaid’s at all - it had been made too small. We went to a local dress-maker to see if they could alter the dresses - but it would of ended up costing just as much for the alterations as it would have done to go out and purchase new dresses.

We contacted the company about seeing if we could obtain out monies back - but we have had no success at all.

With just weeks to go before my wedding - I had to make a decision. Me and my bridesmaids visited Proposals Bridal wear. We looked at the range of dresses and they provided and with the help of the owners and some luck too; we ordered the dresses and they came a few days before my wedding! The dresses were absolutely perfect in every way - I was so happy and I received so many compliments on my wedding day - about the stunning colour of the dresses and about how lovely the dresses were - this made me a very happy lady!

Emma Leather-Barrow

The same things are happening now so the moral of this story is Buy from Proposals.